Investment Criteria

​Prostar believes the Asia-Pacific region offers a particular attractive macroeconomic investment environment given the increased demand for energy and the accelerating need for additional energy infrastructure. Specifically, the target sectors are midstream (gather and process), storage terminals (long-term take or pay) and downstream (transport and distribute) energy infrastructure with the following characteristics:

  • Stable Earnings: Businesses with stable earnings supported by long-term contracts and credible counterparties
  • Manageable Risk Profile: Quality assets with identifiable risks that can be mitigated through tailored structuring
  • Sustainable Competitive Advantages: Companies with unique advantages and strong market share
  • Inflection Points: Established companies at inflection points arising from company-specific and external factors
  • Strong Management: Highly qualified management teams with demonstrable investment experience and proper interest alignment
  • Strong Growth Potential: Private equity buy-and-build approach of aggregating specialized energy infrastructure assets to scale
  • Middle Market Opportunities: Niche companies with significant opportunities to add value
  • Growth Sectors: Companies positioned to capitalize on changing market dynamics
  • Conservative Financing Structures: Conservative debt financing to optimize capital structure and facilitate favorable exit options
  • Hands-on Value Add: Ability to leverage experience of Prostar's investment team and wide network of industry experts